From your New Managing Director!

Together we have faced many challenges over the past few years and because of you our patrons, The Peacock survived them all! Along with a few grants and loans that is. What started out as the Peacock Playhouse, a vision of Lilith Lidseen, a Clay County resident, philanthropist, and patron of the arts, has grown to be The Peacock Performing Arts Center. A venue that gave us 4 plays a year with the occasional concert now gives us upwards of 20 different performances, from the original 4 community plays to having not only Grammy nominated Singer Songwriters to Grammy winners! Tribute bands that pay homage to the likes of the Beatles, Beach Boys, along with our newest addition “Scribes on Stage!” providing local talent a platform to present their productions to a live audience and for our patrons to see experimental theater up close and personnel at a reasonable price.

We have a summer program for children that is the brainchild of Ms. Robbie Dernehl. It has grown to over 50 campers and has become the mainstay of our children’s programming.

Having been associated with this “gem” in the mountains for almost 10 years I am proud to say that this year I have taken the position of Managing Director. The Peacock has an all-volunteer staff except for me and the Office Coordinator Sean Rice. Every nail hammered, screw turned, and word written is done by a volunteer. I encourage you to join us and help make this the destination it deserves to be. Every person from the greeter at the door to the person that serves you a beverage, designs and builds the sets or shows you to your seat is a volunteer and you could be one as well!

This is the year of change and all for the good! We are planning exciting changes soon that will take us to the next level, and I hope you will join me in making our dreams a reality.

Jim Kumas,
Managing Director

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