Ms. Robbie’s Performing Arts Camp

This Performing Arts Camp is for boys and girls age 5 through 16. The camp has become a very popular Summer program at The Peacock Performing Arts Center. After training with a professional singer, dancer, and actress, Ms. Robbie Dernehl, the campers provide 2 performances of a 2 hour musical production complete with costumes, sets, sound effects and lighting. They act, sing and dance on stage in a professional operating theater.

Auditions Announced for Magical Production: “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’S SECRET GARDEN”

Peacock Performing Arts Center is gearing up for an enchanting production, merging two classic tales, as auditions for “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’S SECRET GARDEN” are set to take place on Saturday, February 10th (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM) and Saturday, February 17th (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM) at the center.

This unique adaptation, scheduled to run from June 10 to June 23, 2024, welcomes aspiring performers aged 5 through 16. Unlike the traditional love story associated with Beauty and the Beast, this rendition promises surprises, adding elements inspired by “The Secret Garden” to the mix.

Children are encouraged to showcase their talents during auditions, whether it’s singing a song or presenting any special skills. Auditionees will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of characters, with assistance provided if needed. The twist? The identity of the beast is being kept under wraps, adding an element of mystery to the production.

For those unable to attend in person, director Ms. Robbie is offering Facetime auditions. To secure an audition slot, contact Ms. Robbie at 706-897-1041. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this magical journey, bringing beloved characters to life on stage in a whole new way!


The Peacock Performing Arts Center is an Equal Opportunity provider.